What’s Been Happening

Did you attend a recent extended learning activity? Want to see who did? Check these galleries for photos.

The recent event listed here

A little info about the event here: Who, what, when, where, how many.

What’s Been Happening

Scroll WAY down the page until you see the boxes with the galleries.

In the first skinny rectangular boxes, name your event. The example here is “another recent event listed here.” Hit upper green box, “update”.

Then, type details about the event UNDER the area with the tool bar (tool bar with bold, italics, etc.) Hit “update”

Then, upload your photos by using “ADD TO GALLERY.”

Here’s how: click the blue ADD TO GALLERY box. In the next screen, see the box about uploading media. You can  also click and drag.

Once your photos are in the gallery, you want to select the ones that go with this certain activity. How? Click them (see checkmark on upper right).

Click a few of them, then hit “SELECT” in blue box at bottom right.

Then go to very upper right corner and select Green update button.

Now you want to check out your awesome work. Go to the top of the WordPress screen where it says VIEW PAGE.

Another recent event listed here.

More info about fantastic event called “We learned about the purple computer.”

We learned about the floral computer event

Yes, similar to the purple learning event, this one featured the floral event.

(Yes, we are training on how to use this new part of our website.) How did you guess?

The finale

All in all, it was a good week of learning how to add content to the new Extended Learning pages. Frustrating and slowly moving at times. We thank our web design team, Keith and Keith, for patience and walking us through the steps repeatedly.