STEM Days at ISD


STEM Days, 2018– FREE event offered Nov. 15 & 16, 2018 on the Iowa School for the Deaf campus at 3501 Harry Langdon Boulevard in Council Bluffs.  Middle school students will learn basics of coding principles and the power of hardware through invention and simple machines. This project-based learning event will result in students building individual solar panel phone chargers to take home.

To ensure transportation is ready for you, registrations/requests for shuttle must be submitted by Wednesday, Nov. 7.

If it is past Nov. 7 and you are still interested in attending, please call 712.366.3237 or video phone 712-227-1726.

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–  Video phone: 712-227-1726

– Middle School office phone: 712.366.3237

Or email HERE with questions.

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Video features an ISD student HERE.

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STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering, Math.

What’s the purpose of this event?

We’re bringing hands-on and direct communication of STEM concepts to middle school students who are deaf or hard of hearing. Students will learn alongside peers who also learn best with direct instruction in their preferred communication method. This is a project-based learning event, with instructors from National Technical Institute for the Deaf (NTID) and Deaf Kids Can Code. Students will build a solar cell phone charger to take home.

Who should attend?

Middle school students who are deaf or hard of hearing from Iowa, Nebraska and South Dakota are encouraged to attend STEM Days! The event is for students who learn in a variety of settings: mainstream, home school, day or residential programs.

  • You use your voice/speak
  • Or you use sign language
  • Or you use a combination of voice and sign

I don’t sign/I don’t sign much. Will I understand what’s going on?

At Iowa School for the Deaf, you will find students just like you. Some use their voices, some sign, some use a combination of both voice and sign. Have you ever tried to text someone while talking to another person at the same time? Probably, your text wasn’t entirely clear, and maybe you left some words out when you spoke. Neither person received rich communication from you because you could not completely focus on either typing or speaking.

At ISD, we find students who rely on American Sign Language do best when we turn off our voices and use only sign language. Our students who use their residual hearing/voice to learn do best when we don’t sign and only speak. When we sign and speak at the same time, the information gets ‘messed up’ and we believe you deserve the complete picture. So, don’t worry! If you see teachers, residential counselors and others who are using sign language only, you will get the message in English, too! Extra interpreters will be with you during the weekend to help facilitate communication with students who do not sign at all or who are not fluent signers.

STEM Days presenters also vary in their communication use. We will have ASL interpreters so everyone gets all of the messages.

Can parents and teachers come?

Absolutely they can attend! Although the event is geared for middle schoolers, as long as we have room, transportation, lodging and meals are for parents and teachers, too. Just let us know so we can plan accordingly.

Tell me more about National Technical Institute for the Deaf and Deaf Kids Code.

NTID’s website

Deaf Kids Code website

But I don’t know anyone who is going.

Everyone who has ever toured ISD, attended camp or one of our special events also had a first day when they didn’t know anyone, either. Our campers, who once also didn’t know anyone, now look forward all year to spending a week on campus and find it hard to leave. So, if you have been to camp, this weekend will be like a short camp. And if this is your first time at ISD, it’s our job to make sure you feel right at home, will never be bored, plus make a whole bunch of new friends!

Will you really give me a ride to ISD?

Yep! Shuttles will pick up participants at pre-determined locations. Families should plan to bring their students to those locations, and we’ll take them on to ISD from there! The reverse is true on Friday- the ISD vans will bring participants back to those locations and family will need to pick you up from there and take you home. You will be contacted with final transportation arrangements.

Really? No cost?

Really! No cost! From transportation to meals, boarding, activities and snacks, there is no cost to schools or students.

So, what are your rooms and buildings like?

Those who’ve been at our camps are familiar with our spacious dorm rooms and 24-hour supervision by ISD residential counselors. Boys and girls have separate dorm buildings. Registered nurses will be staffing the health center around the clock during this weekend. Meals will be offered at the school cafeteria. Wanna take a peek? Click on the numbered circles to begin your tour HERE.

What are the evening activities?

With its camp and homecoming activities, you might know that ISD ‘s action-packed nights are fly. We’re going to keep it tame, since it is a school nite. Final decisions are still being made about activities with our most important stakeholders (our middle school students and their staff, of course!). Possible activities could include swimming and rowing races in our campus pool, movies, foosball and snacks in the Teen Center and maybe some four-square tournament play in the auditorium. (We take four-square at ISD very seriously. We might just have the largest court in southwest Iowa!)

What should I bring?

Dorm rooms have beds, dressers and desks. Bathrooms are located just down the hall. You will be walking between buildings on campus- so plan clothing accordingly for the weather. Pack your undergarments, socks, swimwear and towel, sleepwear, athletic shoes, shower flip flops if you have ’em, pillow, bedding or sleeping bag, toothbrush, shampoo, etc., and a comb.

Schedule of STEM Days (Schedule subject to change)

Wednesday, Nov. 14

3 –  6 p.m.: Student pickup/arrival at ISD/Icebreakers

5 p.m.: Dinner at ISD cafeteria

6 – 9 : Student activities

9.30 p.m.: Lights Out – Zzzzzz

Thursday, Nov. 15

6.30 a.m.: Up and at ’em!

7 a.m.: Breakfast, ISD cafeteria

7:45 a.m. – 3.05 p.m.: STEM Days Workshop (break for lunch)

5 p.m.: Dinner in ISD cafeteria

6-9 p.m.: Activities

9.30 p.m.: Lights out

Friday, Nov. 16

6.30 a.m.: Up and at ’em!

7 a.m.: Breakfast in ISD cafeteria

7:45 a.m. – 11:25 a.m.: STEM Days Workshop

11:30 a.m. Hop aboard ISD transportation/parent pick up. Sack lunches provided on ISD routes.

11.30 a.m.: Vans begin departing for return transportation