ISD Museum

Considered by many as one of the best deaf school museums in the country, ISD has dedicated an entire wing to preserving historical items, many donated by alumni. Decades are divided by rooms, telling the stories of residential life, ISD’s farming years, and the various philosophies of oralism versus signing. Open weekdays by appointment.

After your appointment is confirmed
After you have confirmation of an appointment, finding us can be a little tricky.
Museum Directions: The museum is in the Central Administration Building on the ISD campus.  As you enter campus,  stay to the left. You will see a pedestrian crossing sign and an electronic sign that indicates your vehicle’s speed.  Turn right into the semi circle (street name is Scott Circle) just after this sign, and park in any open space.  Once you climb the stairs to the top entrance, the reception area will be just inside. There will be someone there to guide you to the museum.

ISD Museum