Health Center

Round-the-clock care is provided by registered nurses who administer medication and care for injured or ill students. When necessary, a licensed interpreter from Iowa School for the Deaf accompanies students to local medical and dental appointments. Annual vision and dental screenings are held at the health center. Local pediatricians, psychologists, occupational and physical therapists and other healthcare professionals are utilized as needed.

Jessalyn Bentz, Nursing Supervisor
PH: 712.366.3252


Meals are carefully planned by the school’s cooks and outside dietary specialists. Food fairs introduce different foods and emphasize how choices lead to healthy lifestyles.

The US Department of Agriculture subsidizes some summer food service programs. Find summer meals in your community HERE.

Speech Therapy

Speech language pathologists work with students to enhance articulation, voice, language, speech reading and pronunciation skills. Individual sessions are usually held at least weekly, Younger students benefit from additional group sessions.

3-Year Evaluation

A comprehensive evaluation is held every three years to develop the most effective Individual Education Program (IEPs are reviewed annually). Areas of progress reviewed include academic performance, audiological, psycho/social, speech/language, transition and health.


The local area education agency audiologist is housed on campus and provides hearing evaluations, hearing aid troubleshooting and other services without charge. Fees may apply if repairs or constructing ear molds are required.