4PLUS Transition Program

Support after graduation leads to independence among young adults who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Post Senior Learning for Ultimate Success (4PLUS) offers extra support as ISD’s students pursue jobs in the community (independent employment) or take classes at local two-year colleges. Students need not have enrolled at ISD during their high school years to be eligible. Students are responsible for cost of college textbooks. Room, board, transportation and all other program costs are provided at no charge to students. School districts initially pay for tuition; then are reimbursed.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • For deaf and hard-of-hearing students
  • High School graduation requirements completed | diploma unsigned
  • Have not yet turned age 21
  • On track for college or competitive employment

Students are provided instruction, support and practice in the following areas:

  • Self-advocacy skills for college transition
  • Tutoring
  • Hard and soft skills development for competitive employment
  • Job coaching
  • Interpreter use
  • Advanced independent living skills
  • Transportation during the school day
  • Option to live on | off campus

4PLUS ISD brochure

4PLUS Transition contact:
Rebecca Gaw, Principal
PH: 712.366.3237

WEE Program

In the We Explore our Environment (WEE) program, ISD’s youngest students who do not live in the dorms focus on social and language skills. Rather than go to a daycare or straight home after school, these students can experience an extended 90 minutes to their school day which complements their development in a fun atmosphere.

Numbers, the alphabet, signed and written vocabulary are emphasized using games, field trips and everyday play. Activities are planned to boost language skills as children draw, cook, have story time and more. WEE helps bridge gaps often held by small children with hearing losses who are delayed in their communication skills.

WEE contact:
Dolly Murray, Dean of Students
PH: 712.366.3235

After School Program

The after school Student Enrichment Program (SEP) helps students learn about life skills and the community through hands-on activities such as cooking, field trips, volunteering or hosting guest speakers.

After School contact:
Dolly Murray, Dean of Students
PH: 712.366.3235

Literacy Program – Learning Continues Here

The literacy programs at Iowa School for the Deaf flow into the boarding program as well. Extensive libraries, study labs, group and individual tutoring sessions keep students on academic track.

Dormitory Program

A perfect complement to a language-immersion environment is Iowa School for the Deaf’s residences. Lifetime friendships are built in this atmosphere of socializing and interaction. Housed in separate buildings, the girls’ and boys’ dormitories are divided by floors based on student age.

Additional dormitory information can be found under ‘Dorm Life‘.

Dormitory Program contact:
Dolly Murray, Dean of Students
PH: 712.366.3235

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Council Bluffs, IA 51503

PH: 712.366.0571