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Below you will find outlines of our general curriculum while to the right you can review additional programs and services available outside of our day-to-day school activities.

General Curriculum


The earlier children experience a language-rich environment, the stronger their vocabulary and communication skills will be. This leads to ultimately, narrowing the learning gap between them and their hearing peers. Families choose a preschool schedule that is right for them- from daily attendance to attendance a few days a week.

The preschool program is accredited by the Iowa Quality Preschool Program Standards (QPPS), having passed rigorous standards developed by the National Association for the Education of Young Children.

The early childhood education teacher uses curriculum which aligns with national preschool standards. Activities focus on language development, socialization, gross/fine motor skills and self-help skills, along with plenty of rest and play.

Preschool contact:
Rebecca Gaw, Principal
PH: 712.366.3227

Elementary School

In addition to regular academic classes routinely offered in public school programs, students in Iowa School for the Deaf’s elementary and middle schools are offered classes in art, speech therapy, language, library, physical education, guidance, woods and metals and greenhouse. Small class sizes allow teachers to address diverse needs of the students who rotate classrooms for all subjects. This increases independence and organization skills.

Younger elementary students are on the first floor of the building, while 5th and 6th graders find most of their classes on the upper floor. Middle school students (7th and 8th grades) are housed in Long Hall, occupying the first floor.  Curriculum is taught on grade level with modifications provided as needed. Activities open to elementary school students include bell choir, student council, girls’ and boys’ clubs. Middle school students have sports offerings, student council membership, oratorical competitions and other activities.

Pre-kindergarten through 8th grade contact:
Rebecca Gaw, Principal
PH: 712.366.3227

Middle & High School

Virtual tour: Middle School & High School

Students are challenged to use critical thinking, imagination and creativity in classes. Staff help foster skills and attitudes within each student leading to positive self-esteem and self-advocacy. Aside from classes typically offered in public high school programs, a transition focus prepares students for life outside of high school, both in the worlds of work and college. Some students mainstream at Lewis Central High School (located across the street) with an Iowa School for the Deaf interpreter. The trimester system is used at Iowa School for the Deaf and each credit equals one trimester of class. Diplomas are awarded by the Iowa Department of Education, as all Iowa School for the Deaf students meet Iowa’s required criteria to graduate. Extracurricular activities range from sports to clubs and events.

High School contact:
Rebecca Gaw, Principal
PH: 712.366.3237

Post-High School

Iowa School for the Deaf provides a program for graduates that provides additional skills needed for life ‘in the real world’.  For more information visit our 4PLUS section.


Students are transported home/back to campus nearly every weekend (weather permitting). There are several extended breaks in the school calendar.

Teen Center

This popular gathering spot is for students of all ages to meet after homework is finished. The modern space features a large screen television, games, snack bar and plenty of comfortable seating.

Iowa School for the Deaf
3501 Harry Langdon Blvd.
Council Bluffs, IA 51503

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