Health and Safety


The 24-hour health center staff sign directly with students.

Is your child healthy? Their learning depends on tit.  Along with providing meals planned by dietary specialists, we provide 24-hour health center right on campus. Here, students can be cared for when injured or ill, and medications can be given when needed. ISD’s campus is smoke-free, tobacco-free, drug-free and alcohol-free. Our goal is to keep your child at the top of their game physically, and academically.


Safety is priority #1 at ISD. Our facilities comply with state and federal safety guidelines. Our dorms have full-time, live-in staff ‘house parents’ and every visitor to our school registers at building entrances. A comprehensive emergency operations plan is continually practiced and changed as needed.


For a listing of services that help keep your child safe and healthy at ISD,  visit the ‘Services‘ section.