Health and Safety


Your child’s ability to learn is directly impacted by their current state of health. Along with providing meals planned by dietary specialists, we provide an around-the clock health center right on campus where students can be treated when injured or ill, and medications can be administrated when needed. Additionally, the ISD campus is smoke-free, tobacco-free, drug-free and alcohol-free. Our goal is to keep your child at the top of their game physically as well as mentally.


Iowa School for the Deaf strives to provide a safe environment for all of its attendees. As in any public educational environment, our facilities must comply with state and federal safety guidelines. Our dorms have full-time, live-in staff ‘house parents’ and every visitor to our school (including a parent/guardian) must sign in/out, the time entering and leaving a school building and display a “visitor” label while on school grounds. This equates to a physical environment that is safe and conducive to learning.


For a listing of services that help keep your child’s attendance at Iowa School for the Deaf a safe and healthy experience, please visit our ‘Services‘ section.

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