Moving back!

Finally, a project that wasn’t delayed due to supply chain issues or the Great Resignation!

The $4,325,000 renovation project for Long Hall which began last summer, is on track to finish early this fall. Some items are being moved back in the last week of July, and teachers can start putting together classrooms the first of August. Highlights of the secondary building project include:


-New windows

-Digital audio-visual alert system that will scroll messages if an emergency arises; displays the time otherwise

-Technology wall in every classroom which holds the alert system, a Smartboard and white board and the room’s temperature controls

-Technology will sense amount of natural light entering room and dim or brighten the artificial lighting automatically, call “light harvesting’

We used $612,000 in appropriations to spruce up the rooms. New shades, paint and carpet will welcome teachers and make it feel like a new building.

After an inconvenient school year adjusting to COVID protocols, plus a year of teaching in unfamiliar locations all over campus, teachers and staff are excited to be back where they belong.