ISD middle school student earns finalist status

Eighth grader Hope Murapa, a resident of Orange City, just might be a math whiz. Through Iowa School for the Deaf, Hope entered a national middle school math contest for students who are deaf or hard of hearing. Of 100 competitors, Hope’s scores placed in the top 21 which earned her a spot in the finalist round. She placed 8th (a four-way-tie) in the finals. National Technical Institute of the Deaf (NTID) offers an in-person math competition each spring. Afer being canceled in 2020, the event will be held virtually, and the “lite” event served as a trial run for NTID’s larger competition, scheduled for March, 2021.

Hope takes freshman math, Algebra 1. It was easy for her to work algebra into her schedule because middle school and high school classes align their schedules- increasing the ability to offer classes to match individual student needs. At Iowa School for the Deaf, Hope’s secondary teachers all have a subject area endorsement and a deaf and hard of hearing education endorsement, ensuring Hope can fully comprehend her lessons and continue to grow academically.

“Hope is a hard worker,” said Jen Herzog, Hope’s algebra teacher. “She likes to work independently and is good in a group, too. She loves to read, but her favorite subjects are math and sciences. She has a great sense of humor and we’re so happy she’s here at ISD! ”

“Hope is very deserving of all of her accomplishments,” said teacher Justin Cyboron. “She has been a hard worker from day one. At school, we consistently see top quality work from Hope and it is so gratifying to see her getting the recognition that she deserves.”

Hope was a member of ISD’s volleyball and basketball teams this school year.

Hope Murapa portrait