Class of 2021

We celebrate the Class of 2021! Graduation is Friday, May 21 at 10.30 a.m. With COVID-19 protocols, there is limited attendance. We invite everyone to view the ceremony live at this link.

The following information was provided by the seniors about themselves.

Sterlyn Aragon is from Sergeant Bluff. After graduation, she will attend 4PLUS, with a goal to try college classes and work,  possibly at JCPenney. While at ISD, Sterlyn’s activities were cheerleading, volleyball, basketball, track, student council, yearbook staff, Jr. National Association of the Deaf, ASTRA service club and she was selected to attend Space Camp. Sterlyn was this spring’s prom queen. She wants others to know she made friends at ISD, she likes animals and being with her friends and cousins. She wants others to know ”I love being in the dorm, decorating my room and being with friends. I love being able to go off campus with staff and friends.”

Dillon Burdick is from Decorah. He plans to work after graduation at McDonald’s. While at ISD, he was in football, basketball, track and Jr. National Association of the Deaf. His advice to others is, “Enjoy life while you can.” Dillon is a Packers fan. While at ISD, he enjoyed his friends and the staff.

Marvin “Paul” Coffin plans to return to his hometown of Des Moines to work, possibly for TruGreen. He participated in basketball, track and cross country while at ISD. What he liked best about being at ISD was the fun he experienced.

Mackenzie “Mack” Lynch’s hometown is Atlanta, Georgia. After graduation she will attend Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, New York. Her major is undecided. Her advice to others is, “Learn how to get accessibility for yourself and have fun with your life.” What she liked best about being at ISD was making new friends. She states she had the best last couple of months for her senior year: “Thanks, you guys!”

Eric Derozier is from Council Bluffs. Eric enjoys baseball and traveling on airplanes. If he could choose an emoji to describe himself, it would be a knight.  His advice to to others is, “Be good in school.” Eric likes to watch hockey, his favorite color is red, and he loves Popeyes chicken with fries.

Ryenne Frieze is from Council Bluffs. While at ISD, she participated in track, student council, was an Optimist Oratorical Contest winner and was in ASTRA service club. Ryenne enjoys the communication most at ISD.

Damien Holste of Underwood will likely pursue work after graduation.  Activities he was in at ISD include football, basketball, track, cross country, student council, yearbook, academic bowl, was homecoming king and also part of Jr. National Association for the Deaf. His favorites aspect of ISD was the activities provided.

Nichole Jergens, from Eagle Grove, will attend North Iowa Area Community College in Mason City. She plans to major in theater. While attending college and acting auditions, she might work retail or in food service to support herself. She was in volleyball, student council, yearbook, academic bowl, ASTRA service club, earned the President’s Award and was on the honor roll. Nichole advises students, “If you are in trouble or confused about something, ask for help. Even if it sounds stupid or small. You and your education are important for your life’s goals. So don’t be afraid to step out into the light.” Nichole is willing to help others with their work or questions. Nichole enjoyed the accommodations and small class sizes while at ISD.

Jessie Murphy, a resident of Council Bluffs, will go to 4PLUS next fall and plans to take college classes to become a mechanic/technician. Activities Jessie was in include student council, yearbook, academic bowl, Junior National Association of the Deaf and he was selected for Space Camp. His advice to other students: “Don’t get on the teachers’ bad side!” One of Jessie’s major accomplishments is earning his Eagle Scout badge. Jessie liked the food at ISD’s cafeteria.

TJ Nipper will leave his hometown of Council Bluffs for the Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, New York this fall to study engineering. While at ISD, TJ was in football, basketball, track, cross country, on student council, yearbook, academic bowl, Jr. National Association for the Deaf, was selected to attend Close Up, and was an Optimist Oratorical contest winner in 10th and 12th grades. He achieved red honor roll status and has a GPA of 3.62. TJ is this year’s valedictorian. His advice to other students is “Take the opportunity, just take it.” He wants others to know “you are capable in overcoming your obstacles if you just do it.” What TJ likes most about ISD is the extracurricular activities it offers.

Jonathan Sanchez is from Irwin. He plans to work and is not picky about what job he finds, or where the job is. While at ISD he was in yearbook and was selected to attend Space Camp. He was the recipient of the Woodman Award and President’s Award. His advice to others is “Be yourself! Never put on a show in front of others!” He wants people to know his favorite dog breed is Pembroke Welsch Corgies but he likes all canines. What he liked best about ISD is he felt accepted by the people around him and he felt understood.

Ashley Schroeder is a resident of Kingsley. She plans to attend ISD’s 4PLUS transition next year, studying medical terminology at Iowa Western Community College. Ashley plans to find a job in the medical field. While at ISD, she was a cheerleader, played basketball and was on yearbook staff. She earned honorable mention twice in the Gallaudet Writing Competition. Ashley advises other students: “Just be yourself. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter who likes you; it matters if you like yourself.” Something Ashley wants others to know: “Before I came to ISD, I felt alone. Now I have a great big amazing family. I like how close everyone is at ISD.”

Austin Stage is from Clinton. Austin will attend ISD’s 4PLUS program in the fall. Currently he works at his hometown Fareway. While at ISD, Austin was in football, basketball, track and cross country, Junior National Association of the Deaf, and was selected for Space Camp and Close Up. Austin would pick these emojis to describe himself: cool, happy and love. His advice: Keep up the hard work while at school and don’t give up! Austin describes himself as nice, cool and always supportive. He appreciated ISD’s staff helping him get through high school and he stated they were caring.

Jorge Yepez Morales is from Council Bluffs. He will work in a janitorial job after graduation. He was in basketball and on yearbook staff. Jorge’s hobbies include playing PS4, movies and art. Jorge liked the friendly staff and students while at ISD.