Two Inducted into Hall of Fame

Iowa School for the Deaf Alumni Association inducted two individuals into its Hall of Fame in September. A recognition ceremony was held on campus during the ribbon cutting event for the Iowa Association of the Deaf, which now homes on the third floor of the administration building. During the January homecoming, the Hall of Fame inductees were again recognized.


Mary Ann Dalen Burke

Mary Ann Dalen Burke has three deaf siblings who all attended and graduated from ISD and one
hearing sister. Mary Ann was a proud member of the class of 1965. She married Michael Burke
who was employed at ISD for 18 years. They raised five children. They are proud grandparents of
17 grandchildren, including one stillborn. While she was a homemaker, Mary Ann devoted her time
serving and volunteering in various activities.

She served on the Iowa Association of the Deaf’s (IAD) Miss Deaf Iowa Pageant committee from
1982 to 1997. She spearheaded the committee for the last five years of her service. She was also
the IAD secretary from 2011 to 2013. When the ISD Hall of Fame first launched, she was on the
committee for many years. Back in the time when ISD hosted religious classes, she dedicated her
time teaching Bible study to ISD Catholic students for 20 years. In addition, she volunteered at
the ISD Museum for some time, was on Nebraska Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
(NCDHH) board for six years, and taught ASL classes as well as mentored ASL college students.
She assisted with video projects in sign language for Deaf Missions. She also signed some of the
Daily Devotions for the Deaf for Deaf Missions.

For Mary Ann Burke’s countless and tireless hours of volunteering time in several aspects, the ISD
Hall of Fame presents her with this distinguished leadership and service award.



Supt. Dr. Joseph C. Giangreco

Dr. Joseph C. Giangreco first came to ISD in 1954 as the high school principal. Eventually he became
the Assistant Superintendent and then became the first ISD superintendent with a doctorate degree.
He set up the teacher training program affiliated with the University of Iowa, University of Omaha,
Iowa Western Community College, and Drake University. Many ISD teachers obtained deaf education
endorsements and certifications from one of those programs. He was known for hiring deaf teachers
despite the no deaf teachers policy. He encouraged all staff to continue their education to advance
their careers.

A preschool was established under his leadership, at a time when preschools were unusual even in
the public setting. He began a summer traveling team of teachers and administrators across Iowa to
meet with parents and students to discuss their summer activities, school updates, answer questions,
offer help and what to expect at ISD for the fall. He expanded the Vocational Program and procured
funding to build an addition to the Careers building. This addition housed a welding program, a more
advanced auto body program and provided more space for woodworking. Extra classrooms were also
made possible with the addition, such as dressmaking and home economics.The hands-on education
provided in this new space has benefited many students who were able to gain lifetime employment
upon graduation. Dr. Giangreco initiated an exchange agreement between ISD and Lewis Central
High School, which enabled students to enroll into courses that were not offered at their respective
schools. Upon his retirement in 1987, the Board of Regents named him Superintendent Emeritus.
Joe Giangreco was an outstanding superintendent who broke new ground in successful, innovative
education at ISD. His accomplishments are well deserving for the Hall of Fame.