Bobcat teams earn second in overall points at ASL contests

ISD sent a team to the GPSD triathlon, held at Minnesota State Academy for the Deaf, in early November. The triathlon consists of the academic bowl (coached by Tyler Kerger and Mike Brummer), the oratorical contest and the ASL Bowl (both coached by Jenna Smith and Cody Kerekes). The ASL Bowl has three categories: storytelling, poetry and handshapes.

Our results: in the academic bowl, we placed fifth, with 3 wins and 4 losses. We won second place for overall team points. As a team in the oratorical competition, ISD earned second place for overall team points.

Oratorical competition: division II (10-12th grade), Kalista Nipper placed first and Payton Martin placed third.

In ASL storytelling: division I: Kaitlyn Johns placed second; division II: Kalista Nipper placed first.

In ASL handshape: division I: Jamae Ladore placed second; division II: Payton Martin placed first.

In ASL poetry: division II: Britany Adame placed second.