Back at camp

After a two-year lapse in camp due to COVID-19, ISD campers were back on campus. “I was so sad when I didn’t get to see my friends,” said Ellie Moffit of Pierson, Iowa. Ellie has been attending ISD camps since she was 8. Now a senior, she said she likes to be around kids “like me who have a hearing loss.” She encouraged all her camp buddies to attend this year because she knew they would miss out on something great if they didn’t go.

Seventy-eight students from three states registered for ISD’s two camps this year. More than half were students who do not attend ISD, providing them with a language-immersive setting which they may not experience in their local schools. Campers who are the only students who are deaf or hard of hearing in their school district especially look forward to camp all year- knowing they will make fast friends and fit in- regardless of what language they use.

Forty-one students from outside of ISD registered for camps this year. Themes were escape room and obstacle course.