6-man rules for football

Six-player football rules are a little different. ISD athletic director Nyle Smith explains:

  1.  Field is 40×80 yards (same as 8-man) vs. 50×100
  2.  15 yards for a first down
  3.  All players are eligible receivers (including the center)
  4.  There must be a ‘clean exchange’ of the football.  
    The quarterback must hand off, pitch, or throw the ball before it can cross the line of scrimmage.
  5.  A field goal is worth 4 points, kicked PAT is 2 points and a run/pass PAT is 1 point.


  1.  If at any point after halftime, a team leads by 45 points or more, a running clock begins.


  1.  Must have 3 men on the line of scrimmage.