4 ISD students published

Four students from Iowa School for the Deaf had works accepted into the Council Bluffs literary magazine, The Write Touch. Two submissions were artwork; one submission was the start of a short story; and one was a poem.

Two girls hold their artwork and awards.
Ashley Vera (left) and Holly Schroeder’s work was printed in the 2019 The Write Touch.

Skylar Lovegood: the Hero  by Nichole Jergens

Nichole Jergens photo
Nichole Jergens

It was a bright, early morning for Skylar. She hated morning because of all the traffic, the noise, the heat, and the pain of getting out of bed. Skylar was making coffee so she could get a jump start on her mood for the day. While the coffee was brewing, Skylar was getting ready for work in her apartment.

Skylar worked as an assistant for the boss in the most famous company the Johnson’s Enterprises. The boss that Skylar worked for was pretty nice, gave her days off when she needed it, and didn’t question why she runs off or where she goes for many hours. The boss just wants the work done at least.

If you’re wondering why Skylar runs off in odd hours….let’s just say she’s a super human with abilities that can save people and herself. Since she is part werewolf, from her mother, she can hear far away things. Like a scream in the distance is more clearer to her than a normal human being who would only hear nothing but a faint whisper. With her wolf side, her eyes turn purple when she is changed halfway, but Skyler can shapeshift into a full wolf.

Another power Skylar has is the power to “Chaos Magic Reality Warping.” This is a power where Skylar can manipulate things just with her hands and mind.

Skylar was deep in thought when she heard a “ding” coming from her kitchen that bought her out of thought. Skylar was ready to go to work for the day. Skylar got ready for the drive to Johnson’s Tower. It was a good day so far, the weather was decent, and Skylar heard no one screaming so far, and she doesn’t have that much work left to do at her desk.

While Skylar was waiting for the light to turn green, Skylar heard a loud scream that made her bring her hands to her ears in pain. When the screaming died down a little, she perked her head up and saw people were starting in the same direction. Skylar could see the tower in the distance, but she was too concerned who and why that person screamed so loud.

Skylar turned her left blinker on and turned to where the scream came from when the light turned green. Skylar parked the car near a bakery shop and started walking to the alley where the scream came from and people began gathering. When Skylar turned the corner, she saw about five thugs standing above four people trapped in a corner of the alleyway. Skylar knew what she needed to do, so she jumped onto the fire escape and put on her suit along with a black mask to hide part of her face. Skylar jumped onto the fire escape above the four people that were cowering in the corner. Skylar jumped down in between them and looked at the thugs, Skylar started a fight and she intended to finish it.


Communication by Hannah Kohl

Hannah Kohl

A child crying

Feeling so lonely


Noises going on above him

But he does not hear a sound

He looks up

Sees nonsense, mouths moving

Not being able to understand

Or fit in

Or even connect with his own family

His heart fractures inside

Equal communication is all

That mattered to him

Their voices are their language

My hands are mine