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Activities, clubs and events for every interest
From sports and clubs to state-wide events and across-the-country field trips, there is an event or activity for every student at Iowa School for the Deaf! Many events are open to students who are deaf or hard of hearing, but do not attend Iowa School for the Deaf.

Activities & Clubs

Activities and events at Iowa School for the Deaf appeal to a variety of student interests. Beyond the classroom, these opportunities are ideal settings to gain real-life experience, develop leadership skills, and make friends.

Deaf Cultural Celebration

This spring celebration is made possible by the Iowa Department of Education and Iowa School for the Deaf. A weekend of workshops, panel discussions, activities and entertainment is designed to help families and educators understand complexities of teaching a child who is deaf or hard of hearing. Children’s activities and family activities.

Trick or Treat

Clad in their favorite costumes, elementary students practice their “thank you” signs for candy received from school departments.


While our hearing audience claps, there’s a whole lot of hand waving going on during graduation! Alumni and the community also attend to wish our students well. Motivational presenters, class officers and a video of graduates are featured in this annual celebration. A school-wide reception is held after the ceremony.


ISD students prepare month in advance for spring prom! Up-dos, tuxedo fittings, spa days in the dorm- the works! Dinner and dance, with after-party activities are planned by the junior class.


After a lively Bobcat Spirit week, alumni, family and the community are strong participants in annual homecoming activities, which last an additional day compared to most schools’ celebrations. After coronation and an energetic pep rally on Friday night, Saturday starts with a volleyball tournament, followed by football game, alumni events, class competitions and evening activities.

Job Olympics

ISD invites area special needs student to test their abilities at sacking groceries, sorting money and other job skills. ISD high school students often volunteer to judge and run the event.

Bobcat Boutique

This fall holiday shopping event is open to the public. Plenty of interpreters and a lively atmosphere ensure easy interaction among all.

School-wide Thanksgiving

Staff, students and friends of ISD celebrate Thanksgiving with a traditional holiday lunch.

Santa in the Elementary

Children’s eyes light up when Santa can sign to them! Community benefactors provide generous gifts for our youngest students.

Foundation Scholarship Fundraiser

The ISD Foundation works to raise awareness and funds at this spring luncheon. Families share their stories of how ISD has made a difference for their children.

Ice Cream Social & Memorial Service

A combined grave site marks the final resting place of staff and students who were buried on campus more than a century ago. A Memorial Day service is held to remember their lives each year, followed by a school-wide ice cream social to welcome summer break.

Summer Camp

It’s okay if you don’t attend ISD- school-aged students who are deaf or hard of hearing are welcome at camp! Lots of fun, social and learning opportunities here! Click here for camp information.

Close Up

A handful of ISD high school students participate in a national week at the nation’s capitol, watching democracy in action. They connect with their state congress members and meet other hearing and deaf students who are also interested in the United States government.

Space Camp

Several high school students attend a week at Space Camp in Huntsville, Ala. each spring, experiencing simulated flight missions and gaining understanding of their personal strengths through team and individual activities.

Student Council

Known as “StuCo”” students elect their representatives to plan school-wide activities and participate in leadership opportunities.

Teen Center

A comfortable lounge offering plenty of socialization and relaxation to students after homework is finished. Students can watch movies, play games or just enjoy the company of peers.


The award winning ISD yearbook is known for its ability to engage its readers.

Boys Club & Pixies

Similar to Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, these elementary age afterschool clubs meet twice monthly to learn skills, enjoy friends, explore the community and demonstrate service.

Academic Bowl

The high school academic bowl team enters regional and national competitions against other schools for the deaf. Some knowledge tested includes history, math, language arts, government, current events and deaf culture.

Astra Club

Sponsored by the adult service club ALTRUSA, ASTRA members at ISD are often raising funds for homeless shelters and organizing blood drives to give back to their community.

Junior National Association for the Deaf

Sponsored by National Association of the Deaf, Junior NAD helps older students become future leaders and advocates in the deaf and hard of hearing community.