Why ISD?


Barrier-Free Communication

Visitors are surprised at how
"loud" ISD really is!

Students with all communication methods, abilities and devices are welcome at Iowa School for the Deaf! Our students vary in their hearing levels, from those with mild losses to those with severe | profound losses. Cochlear implants and hearing aids in bright colors are prevalent on campus; and some students do not use any device.

Vistors are surprised at how "loud" ISD really is! Speech language pathologists strategize with students who wish to maintain their residual voicing abilities.  American Sign Language is used on campus and all employees are required to attain and retain a level of signing, based on the amount of interaction they have with students. Depending on individual class needs, teachers sign, speak or conduct class using both communication methods.


No tuition, room or board is charged. ISD is one option for free and appropriate education for deaf or hard-of-hearing students in Iowa and Nebraska. It is supported by state and federal dollars.


Benefits of ISD's Dormitory Program

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A perfect complement to a language-immersion environment is Iowa School for the Deaf’s residences. Lifetime friendships are built in this atmosphere of socializing and interaction. Housed in separate buildings, the girls’ and boys’ dormitories are divided by floors based on student age.

Once a month, school closes early and every student is transported for a weekend home with their families. Extended breaks are during the winter holidays, spring and May through mid-August.

Teen Center
This popular gathering spot is for students of all ages to meet after homework is finished. The modern space features a large screen television, games, snack bar and plenty of comfortable seating.

After-School Program
The after school Student Enrichment Program (SEP) helps students learn about life skills and the community through hands-on activities such as cooking, field trips, volunteering or hosting guest speakers.

Learning Continues Here
The literacy programs at Iowa School for the Deaf flow into the boarding program as well. Extensive libraries, study labs, group and individual tutoring sessions keep students on academic track.

Health Center
Twenty-four hour care is provided by registered nurses. Annual vision and dental screenings are coordinated by the health center staff. When boarding students require medical and dental visits, a licensed interpreter, who is a health center employee, accompanies the student to local appointments. Audiology, occupational and physical therapy are provided on campus via Green Hills Area Education Agency.


4PLUS Transition Program

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Post Senior Learning for Ultimate Success (4PLUS) offers extra support as ISD's students pursue jobs in the community (independent employment) or take classes at local two-year colleges. Students need not have enrolled at ISD during their high school years to be eligible. Students are responsible for cost of college textbooks. Room, board, transportation and all other program costs are provided at no charge to students. School districts initially pay for tuition; then are reimbursed.

Eligibility Requirements:

For deaf and hard-of-hearing students
High School graduation requirements completed | diploma unsigned
Have not yet turned age 21
On track for college or competitive employment

Program Services:
Students are provided instuction, support and practice in the following areas:

Self-advocacy skills for college transition
Hard and soft skills development for competitive employment
Job coaching
Interpreter use
Advanced independent living skills
Transportation during the school day
Option to live on | off campus

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