Student Safety Information


It is the Goal of the Iowa School for the Deaf to maintain positive learning and care environments.

Student to Student Sexual Misconduct

Sexual misconduct among students is a violation of ISD policies. The Board of Regents, State of Iowa, has a Student to Student Sexual Misconduct Policy that prohibits sexual misconduct among students.

If you see or know about sexual misconduct that occurred between students, or it has happened to you, report it to any of these people immediately, or report it to any ISD staff member:

Mr. Patrick Clancy, Superintendent

Ms. Shari Slater, Elementary | Middle | High School Principal
Ms. Jane Gradoville, Elementary | Middle School Counselor
Ms. Donna Houston, High School Counselor

Mr. John Cool, Director of Student Life
Ms. Patty DeFrancesco, Dean of Girls Dorm
Mr. Nyle Smith, Dean of Boys Dorm
Ms. Jolene Froehle, Girls Dorm

Any ISD staff member can help a student who is the victim of sexual misconduct. We will also help families and provide information on specialized resources for student victims. Please read the Student to Student Sexual Misconduct Policy for more information, or call Mr. Clancy if you have questions.

Other Policies and Safety information can be found on the Safety & Policies Page.

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