Feasibility and Planning Study

Study conducted for IBSSS, ISD
*Recently Added 2/8/13: Board Decision 2/7/13. Added 2/4/13: Executive Committee for Students Who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing.

Feasibility Committee Recommendation

A committee appointed by the Board of Regents to study the future efficiencies and effectiveness of Iowa’s educational services for students with sensory impairments will be recommending three regional centers be added to the continuum of educational options for the state’s visually impaired, blind, deafblind, hard-of-hearing or deaf students. The recommendation came from a feasibility and planning study committee today (Nov. 26) which has met monthly since June.

The committee’s recommendation will include keeping the current Iowa School for the Deaf campus in Council Bluffs as a regional and residential school, as well as using the Iowa Braille and Sight Saving School in Vinton. Both schools will be used for regional programs that will include classrooms for blind and deaf students. Additionally, the committee decided to recommend combining the administration of IESBVI and ISD.

Locations have not been determined for the regional centers, which are planned to provide enhanced services to students with sensory impairments, using specialized teachers of the visually impaired and teachers of the deaf and hard of hearing. Structure of the regional sites will be determined by the state’s management team for the blind/visually impaired and executive team for the deaf/hard of hearing.

Recommendations will be brought to the Department of Management, and then advance to the Dec. 5 Board of Regents meeting for information purposes (meeting to be held telephonically). Action on these recommendations is anticipated at the Feb. 4, 2013 Regents meeting.

Board of Regents Agenda Item 13 December 5, 2012

Superintendent Announces Committee Recommendation

Feasibility Study Report and Documents

At its April 2012 meeting, the Board of Regents, State of Iowa voted to allow the board to contact the Iowa Department of Management to begin a feasibility study to analyze administrative and programmatic functions at Iowa School for the Deaf and at Iowa Braille and Sight Saving School. Iowa code requires the Department of Management to provide a detailed analysis of the current operations of the schools as well as projected outcomes for students if a merger or closing would occur.

The study will align with strategic plans to increase efficiency and productivity among all Regent institutions and provide educational excellence and impact and economic development and vitality. The feasibility meetings occur monthly beginning June 25, and may possibly conclude with recommendations in late fall.

Executive Comittee for Students Who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing.
Board Decision 2/7/13.

Public Hearing Documents:

Announcement of Public Hearings
Feasibility Hearing FAQs
7/30/12 Public Hearing Summary
8/27/12 Public Hearing Summary
Full Written Public Comments
Petition Names
Recording of Oct.22 Public Hearing

November 26th Meeting Documents:

Feasibility and Planning Agenda 11/26
Quality Services Summary
10/22/12 Minutes
Enrollment blind and visually impaired by AEA and level
Nov 26 2012 Number of DHH students in special education by age group by AEA
11/26/12 Minutes

October 22nd Meeting Documents:

Feasibility and Planning Agenda 10/22
9/24/12 Minutes
Guiding Question I Financial Example
GQ's Financial Analysis

September 24th Meeting Documents:

Feasibility and Planning Agenda 9/24
Regional Centers Characteristics
CEASD Child First Brochure
ISD High School Students Address Guiding Questions
ISD Indicator 14 table
Achievement Data on Students Who Are Deaf or Hard of Hearing in Iowa
NWEA reading and math 10-11 11-12 ISD
Iowa School for the Deaf Graduates
Eugene McMahon, Ed.D Resume
Harm Reduction Journal 2012, 9:16 (2 April 2012)
WA State Final Report 6/20/2007
NFB of Iowa Resolution 12-03

August 27th Meeting Documents:

Feasibility and Planning Agenda 8/27
Statewide Services DHH Data 8/27
Iowa Statewide Enrollment Achievement Services DHH August/2012
Iowa School for the Deaf Programs
Iowa School for the Deaf Enrollment
ISD Personnel Summary
ISD Data Summary
FY 2013 Budget Analysis
8/27/12 Minutes

July 30th Meeting Documents:

Agenda for 7/30/12 Meeting
Braille Data
FY13 Budget Graph Analysis
Student Count
Executive Summary BOR residential study
Extended Learning Programs 2011-12 data
IESBVI Personnel Summary
IESBVI Services
LiteracyMath Data7-27-12
Transition Referral Form 7/30
Transition Goal 5 7/30
7/30/12 Minutes

June 25th Meeting Documents:

June 2012 Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students in Iowa
Blind or VI Students and Teachers
Map of LEAs with teachers and interpreters
2011-2012 # of teachers interpreters to accompany maps
Guiding Questions
Feasibility Committee Minutes 6/25

Links to support documents:

Update Report of the Feasibility Study
Feasibility Study Committee Membership
Agenda for 6/25/12 Meeting
Report of the BOR Study on Residential Services
Report of Coordinating Council for Hearing Services
Report of Coordinating Council for Vision Services


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