Department Roster


Superintendent Office

Steve Gettel Superintendent Email 712.366.3215 v/tty
John Cool Assistant Administrator Email 712.366.3215 v/tty


Elementary School

Rebecca Gaw Elementary Principal Email 712.366.3227 v/tty
Jane Gradoville Elementary School Counselor Email 712.366.3231 v/tty
Rita McGruder Elementary School Secretary Email 712.366.3227 v/tty


High School

Rebecca Gaw High School Principal Email 712.366.3237 v/tty
Donna Houston High School Counselor Email 712.366.3239 v/tty
Jenna Smith High School Secretary Email 712.366.3237 v/tty
Michael Shannon Athletic Director Email 712.366.3247 v/tty


Dormitory Program

Nyle Smith Dean of Students Email 712.366.3235 v/tty
Jolene Froehle Student Life Advisor Email 712.366.3207 v/tty


Health Center

Diane Knigge Nurse Supervisor Email 712.366.3252 v/tty


Campus Support

Cynthia Angeroth Outreach Coordinator Email 712.366.3213 v/tty
Marsha Gunderson Statewide Consultant Email 712.366.3284 v/tty
Deb LeHeup Director of Human Resources Email 712.366.3283 v/tty
Scott Mauch Facilities Manager Email 712.366.3212 v/tty
Kris Maxwell Information Technology Specialist Email 712.366.0571 v/tty

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