Cochlear Implants

We welcome children with cochlear implants!

Nearly 25% of ISD's students have implants, and benefit from the school's language-rich environment.
- When a cochlear device is not working, a back-up language is needed.
- To keep students on the learning track, a strong language base is needed. This is especially important as a child adjusts to the implant and attaches meanings to sounds they hear.
- Students discriminate sounds at different rates.
- Reading, writing and language classes use strategies developed for deaf and hard-of-hearing students.
- Students with speech are encouraged to use it throughout the day.
- Amplification devices are monitored daily by classroom teachers.
- On-site audiologists quickly remedy problems.
- Speech-language pathologists are current on cochlear implant trends and strategies.
- Intensive speech and language therapy helps students filled in language gaps which often exist with students who have good articulation.

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