Bobcat Football Field

Since 1921, football has been a tradition at Iowa School for the Deaf. ISD Bobcats play late weekday afternoons or Saturdays against local junior varsity teams and Great Plains Schools for the Deaf varsity teams. In 2009, ISD was undefeated and also earned the title of National 8-man Football Champions for Schools for the Deaf. Go 'Cats!

Lied Multipurpose Complex

Opened in 2002, this was the first new construction on campus in more than 50 years. Health and physical education classes take place here. In addition to the main gym, which has seating for 1,000, this 58,000 sq. ft. facility has a 115,000 gallon swmming pool, community rooms, racquetball courts and fitness areas which are open to the public for a daily fee. Call 712.366.3232 for details.

Boys Dormitory

The male students board in the administration building's west wing. Floors divide the boys by ages. Residential counselors and houseparents help with homework, encourage calls home and plan learning, social and service activites for the boys. Boys typically have rooms to themselves. Video relay and computer stations are in the floor lounge areas.

Administration Building

This is the site of the first building on campus when the school was moved from Iowa City in 1870. At the time, the building was dorm, dining room, staff living quarters, chapel and administration. (There was a separate school building on campus.) This building has experienced four fires and a tornado (but nothing devastating since 1903!). Currently, it houses the ISD Museum, auditorium, cafeteria, teen center, boys dorm and the school's central administration offices.


ISD cafeteria staff work closely with dietitians and federal programs to ensure their offerings meet stringent nutrition guidelines and the preferences of the pickiest eater! Every child is encouraged to try samplings from all food groups. Occasional food fairs are held to introduce students to new dishes as well as to reinforce the importance of a healthy diet.


The ornate auditorium is often home to prom, the school carnival (Celebrate ISD) and other special presentations needing to seat a larger audience. When not in use, its convenient location next to the Teen Center makes it a popular four-square attraction!


Need tips on germination or transplanting? Check with a student who has been through greenhouse class! The structure was dedicated in 2001 in memory of Adam Leitch, a former middle school student, who loved the outdoors. The greenhouse was made possible by donations from Adam's family. Every spring, a plant sale is held featuring a multitude of annuals, perennials, herbs and houseplants.

Staff Residence

Some school officials are required to live on ISD's campus. Other campus houses and apartments may be occupied by ISD staff who rent the units.

Fleet Garage

The fleet garage holds ISD's vechicles. About once a month, students are transported to their hometowns across Iowa and Nebraska. This event operates so efficiently that the average time between school day's end and the last bus to leave campus is less than 15 minutes. Labor for the original part of this 1941 structure was furnished under the Work Progress Administration.

Groundskeeping Barn

This is headquarters for the groundskeepers and was built in 1984. The staff are also responsible for maintaining ISD's fleet vehicles.

Dairy Barn

ISD was once a self-sufficient entity, complete with a dairy herd. This 1935 barn initially housed calves and became the cattle barn when the dairy barn burned in 1944. After its farming life, the building has been used as a teen center and now stores various grounds equipment.

Tom L. Anderson Careers Building

Students gain hands-on work experience in metals technology and woods classes at this building. The 4PLUS transition (to work or college) student center is located on the second floor. The central and south wings were built in 1950; the north wing addition was constructed in 1980.

Plant/Power House

This building was completed in 1956 and contains the campus boilers and utility access points. Powerhouse staff are on campus round the clock whenever students are here, too. In addition to keeping utilities running, they respond to emergency alarms and provide extra security. They've also been known to attend to the simple, albeit critical, needs on campus (such as fixing a student's bicycle).

Elementary / Middle School

Opened in 1959, this building houses preschool through 8th grades, with lower grades on the bottom floor and upper grades on the second floor. A computer lab, library and kitchen are also inside.

Old Infirmary

At one time, ISD had its own hospital. Tonsillectomies were even performed on campus! Before this 1938 building opened, the infirmary was housed in the industrial arts building, Primary Hall, and the Administration Building. Now the building is rented to a private daycare. No ISD classes or meetings are held here. The health center was moved to the basement of the girls' dorm in the 1990s.

Old Gymnasium

Before the Lied Multipurpose Complex opened, this Gymnasium saw plenty of action, from wrestling matches to volleyball tournaments. Now it is used as an extra physical education facility for younger students. It also serves as a multipurpose activity area, and is occasionally transformed into a roller skating rink.

Science Center

A modern science center featuring two classrooms, two labs and plenty of storage, opened in the fall of 2010. The space previously contained a swimming pool and locker rooms and was renovated to provide an accessible environment. Private donations from individuals, foundations and businesses made the $1.5 million project possible.

J. Schuyler Long Hall/High School

Opened in 1929, this building offers three stories of classrooms with most rooms being used on the second floor. A library, student meeting room and computer lab are under this roof. The Long Hall Science center, opened in 2010, is also connected to the building.

Health Center

Registered nurses working 24 hours a day have all the students' healthcare needs covered! From bandages to flu shots, nurses provide tender loving care and keep parents informed about the health of their children. When students are ill and can not attend class, they stay in the health center until they are ready for classes again.

Girls Dormitory

A large kitchen with double appliances is featured on the main floor. Student lounges are on each floor, containing computer and video relay access. Usually students have rooms to themselves. The building opened in 1963; the north wing was added in 1975.


Nearly 60 school districts are served through the Green Hills Area Education Agency, one of nine such organizations in Iowa. Green Hills is an intermediate unit providing educational services to local schools. One of Green Hills' soundproof hearing testing booths is on the campus of ISD.

ISD Museum

Housed on the second floor of Administration Building's east wing, each room reflects a decade of history at ISD. Free admission; open by appointment, 712.366.3213.

Teen Center

After homework and sports activities but before bed, a flurry of interaction take place among students at the Teen Center! This hip space has a pool table, comfy couches, big screen tv and its own snack bar.

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