15 Emotions at our May 3 fundraiser

We are a pretty moody bunch at the annual Iowa School for the Deaf Foundation luncheon fundraiser. But we manage to keep our emotions in check. Here’s a peek at what emotions the brave, 140-some audience members might process on May 3 this year:
1. lighthearted with spring weather and upbeat music
2. apprehension about meeting a person who is deaf
3. connectedness as they recognize faces in the room
4. awkwardness as they sign, “Please and thank you”
5. enjoyment of tasty, steaming hot food
6. surprise when they learn of ISD’s highlights for the year
7. gratitude for the companies who sponsored scholarships and all donors who support the ISD mission
8. guilt when they think about what individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing endure to receive equal education as their peers
9. humor with our talented master of ceremonies
1o. heartache as they learn the stories of our families’ struggles
11. hope when they learn how ISD has lessened those struggles
12. appreciation for the creativity of our student entertainment
13. satisfaction knowing their attendance and support has helped ISD continue its tradition of guiding students to fulfilling, independent lives.
14. thrifty when they take home a leftover Bundtini cake as an afternoon treat
15. exhaustion, since all these feelings occur within 90 minutes.

Sound Futures will be held Wednesday, May 3 from 11.30 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the Lied Multipurpose Complex. Proceeds raised are used for college scholarships, textbooks and even the occasional uniform for that first part-time job. Proceeds also benefit the general foundation in supporting its science center, literacy initiatives, metals technology program and more.

Tickets are $50 a person. Table sponsorships also available.  Reservations are due April 19.

For an invitation or more information, email HERE or call 712.366.0571.

Thank you for considering helping our students with Sound Futures!