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Iowa School for the Deaf is not just a ‘special’ school. It is an extraordinary language and learning environment for children who sign, talk or use both communication methods. We welcome children who have cochlear implants, hearing aids, or who use no assistive hearing devices. We value our students’ strengths and design individual learning goals centered around each student’s unique needs.

In the right environment, amazing progress is made. Small successes occur every day, becoming large accomplishments every year. We invite you to explore our website and learn how our students thrive in a language-based academic and social environment.
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Student Highlight
Austin Davis
Grade: 11
“Most of the music I hear is from the instruments close to me. I watch the other kids to be sure I hit the steps right and I watch their fingers on the keys. They use their ears; I use my eyes.”

“Find your dot,” said Lewis Central band teacher Andy Walters. He is referring to the… Read More >

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